Interested in a fresh new look for your kitchen but don’t want to spend a ton of money to do a complete remodel? You can achieve that fresh new look with a new countertop from Constructive Choice. Check out the many options that we have that can transform the look of your kitchen.


Over the last 10 years, quartz countertops have exploded in popularity. Although some quartz countertops are actually made of quarried slabs of the natural stone, the new engineered material is created through a manufacturing process that mixes approximately 95 percent ground natural quartz with 5 percent polymer resins, resulting in a super-hard, low-maintenance, natural stone-look. Since quartz is engineered, it shares much of the same appeal of natural stones while having much more consistency.

Quartz has several benefits over many natural stones like granite and marble. A major difference is that it is maintenance free, meaning that it does not have to be re-sealed. Quartz is one of the most reliable, versatile, and beautiful surfaces available. It is heat resistant, scratch resistant, and stain resistant.


Constructive Choice is proud to offer a wide selection of options when it comes to granite countertop choices. Granite naturally is heat and scratch resistant, and once sealed, it is stain resistant, making it one of the most popular countertops choices in today’s market. Granite is a direct product of nature, and as a result no two stones are exactly alike. The individuality of granite means that every application is unique and naturally beautiful.


Solid Surface is a man made acrylic product used mainly for countertops, sinks and tub surrounds. It is durable and easy to maintain. Some of the key features of Solid Surface countertops are the following:

  • Seamless appearance
  • Can be cut and formed to create unique shapes and curves
  • Nonporous and never needs to be sealed
  • Nicks and scratches are easy to buff away


Laminate is an affordable option that is easy to maintain, durable and available in many colors, designs and shapes. Some natural looking colors and patterns of laminates are made to resemble granite, slate and other types of stone – at a fraction of the cost.

Some of the highlights of laminate countertops include the following:

Benefits of laminate

  •  Laminate can mimic the look of granite, quartz, wood, and marble
  •  The color options are endless
  •  Doesn’t get nicked or scratched easily
  • Keeps its beauty without a lot of maintenance.
  • Cleans with mild soap and water.
  • Complements virtually any kitchen decor with over 250 colors and patterns.
  • Reflects your personal style and accents your kitchen with a variety of decorative edges.
  • Makes changing your kitchen style every few years affordable.
  •  Great price