Kitchen cabinets


Kitchen cabinets are an integral part of both the functionality and appearance of the kitchen. Designed right, they can provide solutions to all of your storage needs and maximize space. As the cabinets form the basis of the overall kitchen style and since they play a big part in creating its ambiance, it is imperative to select the right cabinet style and finish to suit your needs. Klein Kitchen and Bath cabinetry includes a large selection of styles, finishes and materials. Whether you appreciate traditional or contemporary, modern or transitional, you can select the perfect kitchen cabinet to your taste.

Kitchen Cabinet Types
Choose from custom, semi-custom or stock cabinets Constructive Choice with all the best kitchen cabinet manufacturers to supply customers with superior products. Our most popular cabinetry is the Ovation cabinet line, because of their innovative designs and quality construction.

Since stock cabinets cannot be customized and only come in set sizes, kitchen space and dimensions have to be examined before considering this option.

Custom Kitchen Cabinets
Specifically built to suit your needs, custom kitchen cabinets are obviously most costly. Custom designs will make maximum use of your space and accommodate any unusual architectural features or atypical appliances.

Semi-Custom Kitchen Cabinets
These allow for many of the advantages of custom cabinetry at a much lower cost, making them the ideal choice for many customers. These cabinets run at only 25% more than stock cabinets, but allow for some flexibility in sizing and configuration.

Kitchen Cabinet Configurations
Designing your kitchen will involve choosing from three different cabinet locations. Base cabinets are kitchen cabinets installed from floor to under the counter and are included in almost every kitchen. Wall mounted cabinets are optional and found in varying heights above the counter, while tall kitchen cabinets are usually used as pantries or utility cabinets and set from floor to ceiling.

Kitchen Cabinet Door Styles
When it comes to kitchen cabinets, the door style is what will create the look and feel of your kitchen. Choose from any popular door style, or create a custom one of your own. You can customize a popular style, by using an unusual material or adding your own unique accents. Showcase your china with clear glass doors for the modern kitchen, choose traditional wood cabinets for the warm homey look or go for easy to clean laminate doors to lower your kitchen cost

High Gloss kitchen doors are the pinnacle of modern interior design. Their highly reflective finish and mirror-like shine provide an ultramodern style that is unmatched.

All our high gloss kitchen doors come in a magnificent range of colours that bring light, style and colour to any kitchen.

The classic Ultragloss White from our Visions range is the perfect example of modern style. Its minimalistic style is brought out by the sleekness of the door and the crisp, brightness of the door.

Ultragloss Red is a striking bold colour. Not for the faint hearted, this fiery passionate shade looks fantastic in ultramodern kitchens.

More subtle perhaps is the Ultragloss Tiepolo. With its wide range of edging options, this traditional door has warm tones that provide a warm feel to any room.

Alternatively, if you want the reflective finish of high gloss but in a different style door, the Trends range has a number of doors available from Shakers to Handleless to offer a style for every kitchen.

And despite their fragile, mirror-like look, all our high gloss doors are made to last and those in our Trends and Visions range come with our six year guarantee as standard. They are also made-to-measure specifically for you, so you can be sure that they will fit your kitchen to perfection.

Shaker style kitchen doors are arguably the UK’s most popular style of door; they are incredibly versatile and look great in modern and traditional style kitchens.

From our Trends range, Shaker kitchen doors possess almost limitless customisation options. Available in a wide range of styles, edging options, colours and finishes; our Shaker style doors can be tailored to suit any kitchen allowing you get the look you want.

And as all our kitchen doors are made to measure for you – you can be sure that it will fit to perfection.

The Washington Shaker is one of our most popular doors and it’s easy to see why. Its smart yet sophisticated style can be complemented by a wide range of colours and handles. Silk White with black handles results in an effortlessly stylish kitchen door yet a more traditional look can be achieved through a warm, Woodgrain finish.

We know that choosing a colour is an important and difficult decision to make, that’s why we offer free samples on our entire range of kitchen doors. Whatever you choose, a Shaker style door is sure to make you kitchen look fantastic.

As with all of our doors in the Trends and Visions ranges, the Shaker styles are all covered under our six year guarantee, so you know you are getting high quality doors that are built to last.

Handleless kitchen doors are a perfect example of modern styling. Their sleek, minimalistic look can help to turn any kitchen into a 21st century masterpiece. These innovative doors come in a number of styles that can bring affordable elegance to any room.

The effortlessly stylish Petworth range looks great in softer colours such as cream and magnolia, but is also available in striking Aubergine for the more adventurous designers.

The Ringmer door looks great in a number of shades, with the Woodrgain finishes providing an elegant combination of traditional and contemporary style.

Also available is our paintable vinyl door which, as the name suggests, can be painted any colour you wish, allowing you to create a modern, handleless kitchen in any colour you can think of.

If these or any other of the colours appeal to you, but you can’t quite decide, then order free your colour swatches to ensure you get exactly the colour you want – before you order it! You can even order a sample door to truly get a feel for how your kitchen will look.

Every handleless door comes with our six year guarantee as standard so you can be sure that you are getting doors that stay looking great for many years.

Cathedral Kitchen Doors have breath-taking style that looks perfect in traditional homes. Available in a number of designs and colours, Cathedral Kitchen Doors add bags of character to any kitchen.

The timeless Westfield offers sophisticated style that looks great in a number of colours allowing it to fit in any kitchen.

The stunning Gothic is a unique, one-of-a-kind door that is capable of bringing exceptional style to your classical kitchen.

And whether in timeless Cream, stylish Silk White, or elegant Woodgrain, there is a colour for everyone at an affordable price.

They also look stunning in modern homes with high ceilings, as this really emphasizes the elegant cathedral look.

Despite having all the design elements of an older door, it is robustly built like a modern one. And with our six year guarantee on all Trends and Visions doors, you don’t have to worry should anything go wrong.

Kitchen Cabinet Considerations

There are a number of important things to consider to keep the process a smooth and easy one.

Clarify what you want and what you don’t want – minimize the regrets and disappointment by making clear how and what you expect and the things that bother you or you want to ensure are kept out.

Home Value – are you looking to increase the home value with a better quality kitchen? If you hope to sell, stick to classic styles and designs. If your home is where you plan to stay go for custom cabinets and personal styles.

Storage Space – don’t forget what cabinets were built for. Accessories and amenities are wonderful but kitchen cabinetry needs to have enough room to store dishes, food.

Coordinate with your home style – Don’t choose modern style cabinets in a Victorian style home. The different rooms and furnishing in the home should have similar tones and characteristics.

Whatever your needs, whatever your taste, the designers at Constructive Choice will help you select the perfect kitchen cabinets to compliment your decor and make optimum use of your space.