Backsplashes are one of the last installations in a kitchen or bathroom. Backsplashes act as a canvas for your personality to stand out. This space can be created by using any number of materials.

These days there are so many options to finish the walls behind your counters. Traditionally, stone, porcelain, and ceramic tiles have been the classic anchors. These are the most popular as they provide a durable surface, easy to clean, and the variety of color and shapes is practically endless. More modern materials include, glass, metal, and wood varieties.

Layout is one of the more significant decisions around backsplash designs. Vertical lines allow a space with a shorter height to seem taller. This is because vertical lines draw the eye from the floor to the ceiling instead of side to side. Horizontal is a more traditional design choice. Subway tiles are placed usually staggered from left to right with thin and tight grout lines.

Focal points are popular tile installation behind a kitchen stove top. No matter the type of stove chosen there needs to be a heat resistant backsplash that can withstand the everyday cooking demands in a kitchen. A focal point can simply be a different coloring of the same material sectioned off in large rectangular shape or an elaborate combination of tiles creating a scene or pattern different than the rest of the backsplash.

Flooring is another popular use of tiles. Recently porcelain tiles for the floor have been manufactured in a number of textures like wood and metal and a modern feel. For durability and appearance, larger format tiles are used on floors. Fewer grout lines means less heavy duty cleaning needed and a more visually expansive space.

Grout may seem like an easy decision in the grand scheme of a renovation but it can make a huge impact. Whether you match, contrast or blend the color of the grout, be sure to choose the right material type of grout for your application. We make sure that all our tile installations are satisfactory to your design preferences and durable for your busy lifestyle.