Bathrooms renovations are quite involved; more involved than kitchens in fact. There is a misconception floating around that the amount of labor and materials involved in creating a new bathroom, often a smaller footprint than the kitchen, is less.

After completing lods of bathrooms over 9 years, we know how to make the most of square footage in existing spaces. Let us discover the best solution for you. We know the right questions to ask to get the end design you long for.

What features are missing in your current bathroom?

What does your dream bathroom look and feel like?

How many people need to use the space?

From towel warmers during those cold winter months to crystal clear shower enclosures that allow natural light to flood the room on sunny afternoons, we have the resources, knowledge and craftsmanship from start to finish. In the end, you will have the oasis that you daydream of coming home to and one that rejuvenates you and your family the next morning.

Essentials to Consider

  • Tile work – patterns, colors, floor coverings, wall coverings, decorative accents
  • Shower – separate or combined with bathtub
  • Bathtube or Jacuzi?
  • Number of sinks/ stations – how many people will use the space daily?
  • Types of sinks – under counter, vessels, farmhouse
  • Faucet – finish and location
  • Medicine cabinets – storage capacity, size, location
  • Accessories – towel bars, hooks, rings, magnifying mirrors
  • Lighting – different lighting for make-up vs overall lighting

We can supply and install a completely new bathroom in a few weeks. Our experienced installers can carefully demolish any existing features that are outdated. We can fit everything you need you can choose between any tile manufacturers and copious amounts of sinks, faucets, and bathroom hardware.